Joris Vanvinckenroye


Joris Vanvinckenroye is a composer, double bass player and founder of Aranis and BASta!

Joris studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Antwerp and as well as his work with BASta! and Aranis, he has an exceptional range of experiences. He was a founder and composer of Troissoeur during which time he worked and toured with Sandy Dillon, Daniel B and Satoshi Takeishi. He has played for the tango musicians of Lunfardo and La siëste du Dromadaire, and was involved in different projects by Wouter Vandenabeele (Chansons pour la fin d’un jour, Olla Vogala,...). He has composed for theatrical productions such as Oerd, a production by ‘Het Paleis’ and Horned man, a production of Rode Boom vzw. He toured with Retina Dance Compagny (B/UK) with the shows ‘Antipode’ and ‘Layers of skin’ and he often teaches classes in improvisation and musical creativity.


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BASta! solo

BASta! solo

Smells like Aranis


Evidences Inconnues

July 7-26, 2023 Festival d'Avignon (Fr)

Evidences Inconnues

September 15, 2023 Le Gers, Condom (Fr)

Evidences Inconnues

September 16, 2023 Pyrénées Atlantique, Jurançon

Ongekende evidenties

October 28, 2023 De Woeker Oudenaarde

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