Partout Ghent

Partout Ghent
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On 19 September, Buren van de Abdij and Cluster will jointly organize ‘Partout’. No fewer than two groups give their best in the Coyendanspark.

Buren van de Abdij has been ensuring for years that the site around the Coyendanspark is a pleasant place for everyone. They also organize many activities in Inn Macharius, a socio-cultural ‘hub’ that is all about meeting and connecting.

Trio Lami brings a variety of musical languages ​​and styles. Compositions by Osama Abdulrasol alternate with French melodies and traditional songs. The musicians thus create a new musical world, where boundaries fade. With: Osama Abdulrasol (compositions, qanun), Lode Vercampt (cello), Helena Schoeters (vocals)

Flutist Juliette Ferreira and accordionist Jonas Malfliet share a passion for music, and above all have a great desire to play together. She with Portuguese-French roots, he from the Waasland… by a happy coincidence they met at a jam session in Brussels. They love cheerful melodies, cool Balkan grooves and catchy songs from all over the world. They consider themselves real chançards, and they would like to share that feeling with you.

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