Names known for Cluster in concert 2019!

Names known for Cluster in concert 2019!
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Cluster is once again bringing a number of surprising projects to De Casino Concert Hall. Snaarmaarwaar is an adventurous power folk trio that navigates between old and new music. For this project, the ensemble enriches its famous string playing with the warm vocal cords of singer Eva Decombel.

Ananta Roosens (violin and trumpet) throws all comfort overboard in her solo project ‘Ceci n’est pas un violon’ and creates her musical orientation from full tabula rasa. Do not expect classical or world music, because every style is an enrichment until it becomes a limitation.

Beat Love Oracle is a quirky crossover band, a dazzling testosterone quartet consisting of sax, marimba, e-bass and drums led by Frank Nuyts. This ‘chamber fusion’ quartet brings together different genres in a virtuoso way.

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