New Flemish Masters

New Flemish Masters
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The 15th-century Franco-Flemish polyphonists are also known as the ‘Flemish Masters’. Their music inspired composer Osama Abdulrasol to look for similarities between that Western and Arab tradition from his own Arab background. Can he make connections and merge different currents into a new ‘sound’? Can we shape the future from the past?

The various Flemish performers in this project symbolize the multiple Flemish identity. What is the Flemish (artistic) tradition today, and how do we deal with it? With this quest, the musicians continue the long line of Flemish artistic mastery, in a completely idiosyncratic way.

They are happy to present you the first sketches of this quest on May 13 in the form of a live stream concert. Watch via this link:


  • Osama Abdulrasol, qanun & compositions
  • Tomash Noël, hammond & keyboard
  • Philippe Malfeyt, lute
  • Helena Schoeters, voice
  • DJ Grazzhoppa
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