Het "Sauvage"-PROJECT pakt de meest melodieuze muziekstukken van Jean Philippe Rameau aan.


A radical reworking of Rameau’s “Pièces de Clavecin” for a hybrid orchestra with musicians from jazz, folk and classical music.

Sauvage has become a wonderful adventure, a voyage of discovery through the repertoire of French Baroque icon Jean-Philippe Rameau. With his “Pièces de Clavecin”, this contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a beautiful instrumental songbook full of haunting melodies, real earworms. It is these musical themes that served as a guide for artistic director Fred Pouget to draw out a new imaginary landscape, a new soundtrack for an equally imaginary orchestra: Sauvage.

The seed for this ensemble originated with the Clax Quartet, an adventurous band from the stable of French production house Maxiphone. Their trademark is bringing together musicians who come from their different backgrounds (jazz, folk, electro and contemporary classical) to create a completely new musical universe. This way of working offers an unseen musical richness and always guarantees a very colourful and surprising outcome. The whole creation process took place under the auspices of producer Daniel Yvinec, who was leader of the Orchestre National de Jazz in France for many years.

During the 2023-2024 season, this unique project will tour French venues and theatres, and in June 2024 they will enter the recording studio. To be seen in places including Grenoble, Paris, Albi, Bressuire, Gradignan and Nevers.


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  • Fred Pouget: klarinet
  • Guillaume Schmidt: saxofoon
  • Anne Colas: fluiten
  • Benoît Michaud: draailier
  • Rozann Bézier: trombone
  • Maarten Decombel: gitaren-mandoline
  • Maïlys Maronne: piano-rhodes-zang
  • Janick Martin: diatonische accordeon
  • Ömer Sarigedik: electrische bas-machines
  • Adrien Chennebault: drums-percussie

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