Stan Nieuwenhuis

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Stan Nieuwenhuis
Stan Nieuwenhuis is a young composer and musician. His roots are in the Netherlands, but he grew up in Brussels and currently lives in Antwerp.


Stan Nieuwenhuis is a composer and musician with Dutch roots, who grew up in Brussels and now lives in Antwerp. At the age of eight, he learned to play the piano and trumpet. Later he went to the Lemmens Institute in Leuven and obtained his master's degree in trumpet. During that time, Stan played with the National Orchestra of Belgium, the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands and the European Youth Brass Band 2005. After his classical training in Leuven, he moved to Rotterdam to study Sound Engineering at the SAE Institute.

As a composer, he writes for film and documentary, for brass band and fanfare, as well as for his own musical projects.


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As a musician, Stan was part of several formations. Together with Elke Jacobs he formed the duo 'Mastercab' and he was a member of 'Exit_Brass!’

With Doux , he and Harmen Vanhoorne bring a new, fresh sound, influenced by jazz, electronic music and brass band music. For this they drew inspiration from a series of photographs of immigrants on Ellis Island at the beginning of the last century.

His most recent music project is the solo project Stann.
The result of many nightly hours in his home studio is a mix of cornet and electronics that meet in introverted tracks, improvisations and soundscapes.

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